Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The most boring conversation topic... what dreams you had last night.

In that vein, I'm going to tell you about mine.

First, I dreamed I was, for some reason, watching creepy/horror YouTube videos.  I found a particularly creepy one in which one smiling once-human thing was about to do something horrible to another once-human thing, and was going to send it to somebody, and then woke up.

I then told my brother about this creepy YouTube video in my dream.  And woke up again.

I told my brother, laughing, about this weird recursion.  He got irritated with me for telling him about my dreams. I woke up once more.

(For real that time, if you're reading this.)  I told him once more, and he just raised his eyebrow.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do believe I have set a new world record for boring.  My boring has gone recursive, possibly supercritical as I tell you about this now.

So if ever you think you're boring, take comfort in that there is a blogger out there who wrote about telling his brother about a dream in which he told his brother about a dream in which he told his brother about a dream in which he watched a creepy YouTube video.


  1. I disagree, conversations about dreams occupy many spots on my list of favourite all-time conversations.

    And, having a horror movie where one kind of zombie attacks another seems like a great idea. Indeed, I'm officially stealing it, though it's entirely possible I won't ever actually make the game I'm putting it in.

  2. There was something deeply unsettling about a lesser - evil? - being ruined by a greater evil without particular purpose or reason.

  3. Now imagine what you thought was the lesser evil ruining the greater.

    Oh and by the way you can see it because there's nothing between you and it but open space.

    In game terms, this would be pretty interesting to set up, since I'd force myself to make sure it didn't violate in-game mechanics.

  4. Some of the more epic moments in games - like Kefka killing the emperor in FF3/6 - did come from something like that. (Although there was something like a reason in that case, and it's less unsettling as a result.)