Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Equal Rights Amendment

I support the Equal Rights Amendment for three important reasons:

First, it guarantees the draft will never be drawn up again.  (You think it will?  You're an idiot.)

Second, it reduces occupational regulation disparities between men and women, which will help towards reducing occupational gaps.  (There are some jobs women simply are not legally allowed to do, at present.)

Third, Dubay v. Wells.  (I don't care what position you stand on Dubay v. Wells, the reason for dismissing it was outright wrong.)

I do not foresee it as succeeding, however, because both parties have an interest in preventing it; the Republicans anymore want government protections for family-values gender roles (mommies can't be sent to war, dammit), and the Democrats want existing special protections for women to continue to exist.  (Seriously.  They do.  Eleanor Roosevelt made this very clear, and several versions of the ERA were voted on which had explicit protection for existing government protections for women.  Amazing that their position on this is exactly the same as it was during Roosevelt's administration, in spite of their supposed reinvention in the seventies and eighties.  Kind of like their policies towards black people, which haven't much changed in the last two hundred years; after all, they obviously aren't competent to look after themselves, so we'll have to do it for them.  I am amazed anybody takes the Democrats seriously.)

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