Friday, December 10, 2010

An Ode to Anon

Anonymous wins.

To the entropic decay of authority:
Fear Sun Tzu's greatest tactic,
An anonymous majority,
The entity climactic.

The greatest skill of battle,
An army entirely formless
Whose enemies babble and prattle
Unknowing of the coming abyss.

An Internet once given,
An Internet now taken,
All is not forgiven
And they are unshaken.

Try and take away a founder
Try and take away a domain
Regulation flounders
They will yet remain.

The domains will be theirs
Targeted once and scattered to the wind
The domains shifted to the shares
Domains over servers transcend.

Dot P2P or heirs,
Wikileaks and pirateers,
Anonymized encrypted musical chairs
Hiding what Anonymous reveres.

You should be fearing this fight,
Do not lose control to hold control
Or the status quo shall die tonight;
In chaos will achieve their goal.

Anonymous wins.

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