Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chopped Cauliflower and Salmon

Two experiments in utilizing chopped cauliflower with salmon; in the first case, tried forming the salmon into patties (eggs, onions, mustard, canned drained salmon, cauliflower, all chopped and mixed together, then pressed into chopped cauliflower to make a breading); worked okay, tasted decently, but the cauliflower was both too wet (the normal ingredient there is crushed cracker crumbs) and too easily burnt.

So added some more cauliflower to the mix, along with finely chopped carrots and more onion, put it in a casserole dish, and tried baking it (after sprinkling some low-fat cheese on it - why yes I'm on a diet, I have a business conference coming up soon and the clothes I wear every year have gotten just a little bit tight) - baking worked better, although it was a bit light on flavor and needed something extra.  (Ketchup would have worked best IMO, but used mustard instead as it's better for me.)

The wetness of chopped cauliflower is here a disadvantage, as it is when stir-frying it (particularly "dry", which is to say, without oil), but it occurs to me that it could be an advantage making something like sushi.  So I'm very tempted to try making sushi rolls with it now, but I'm debating what to add to make it sticky.  Gelatin powder seems both the obvious choice and disgusting, in addition to needing to set to work properly.

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