Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeing God...

One of the things I cannot relate to, in any sense, is seeing God's work.

That is, perhaps, why I'm an atheist.

I do see the work of capitalism everywhere - I guess I'm a convert to capitalism, because as I started to grasp it, smokestacks and warehouses and farmland took on a subtle beauty, and I hold them in a kind of reverence - this is industry, this is life, this is everything that makes the life I live possible.

So I can sort of see where they come from.  Once you start Seeing, it's hard to stop.

I guess statists see a highway and See - central order, organization and efficiency flowing down and making our lives possible.  And environmentalists See corpses in the very industry I myself see beauty in.

If I were, tomorrow, to decide - fuck capitalism, I'm not doing this anymore - I don't think I could.  Because I'd drive by a factory one day and remember - this is life!

Affirmation?  I suppose so.  It does illuminate how religion takes such a deep hold in somebody's mind - because how do you stop Seeing?  And why those who have renounced religion tend to take such a bitter view of it - they cannot.

I See death, in abandoned factories, overgrown with vines.  Perhaps somebody else Sees something beautiful in the resilience of nature.

How does our Sight change the way we view fellow human beings?  A curious question.

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