Monday, March 19, 2012

In Vein...

...with a few other posts making their way [link] [link], with a ht to Marko, my own possible experience with a potential street robbery:

I and my brother were wandering the mean, mean streets of downtown New Haven (That's a half-joke; Yale was in sight where the incident occurred), when my brother and I noticed that a guy had been tailing us for about a city block.  He commented on it, I affirmed; just the fact that both of us noticed the guy suggested something.

I was unarmed, or as unarmed as a six foot, one-eighty pound guy who worked out regularly and jogged miles a day up and down hills can be.  My brother had a necktie knife.  So we watched cautiously for another block, and stepped into a convenience store for a few minutes.

And yep.  The guy, and now a buddy, were across the street when we came out, and started following us again as we started walking again.  We were definitely being tailed.

And so, thinking in sync, we started talking, very loudly, about a friend of ours who had been mugged; laughed that he had been unarmed, that he should have just shot the asshole.

The two peeled off and went in a different direction.

Your wits are your most effective weapon.  But when they fail, as they are prone to do, a gun makes a handy back-up.

Personally I'm inclined to have shot the fuckers, but that was before I owned a gun; I started the process for getting a concealed carry license in Connecticut shortly thereafter, and acquired a gun soon after that.  I dislike intensely that they simply moved on to less prepared targets.

I would have no compunctions about killing such creatures, in this I differ from most gun owners.  The paperwork and potential court costs would be an inconvenience, but preferential to an innocent individual dying in the stead of the mugger, for that is the alternative.

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