Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Parable of the Infinite

I thought myself a wise man, beyond the wisdom of my fellow men; I had lived a thousand years to their one. But yet I did not understand happiness. And so I asked evolution, a fellow traveler of time, what happiness was; and evolution said to me, "Happiness is children." But I had no children, and was yet possessed of happiness; clearly evolution was wrong. so I asked the market, a fellow traveler of space; and the market said to me, "Happiness is serving others." But I had lived years alone, and was yet possessed of happiness; clearly the market was wrong. And so I asked my fellow man; and his answers were as varied as the currents of the sea, sometimes in agreement with evolution, and others in agreement with the market, and some others in agreement with such things as I could never question, for they would never grant me an audience. And so I concluded that only I could answer this question. And so I have been happy ever since.

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