Monday, April 15, 2013

Working at Home...

Captain Capitalism argues that staying at home is the ideal situation for men.

Actually, I agree with him.  More, I think modern men are, on average, better at stay-at-home work than modern women.

Why?  Because about half the work that needs to be done in the house, few women will actually do.  And the remaining half they insist on splitting, because doing a quarter of the work is the new half.

Cleaning and cooking are only part of the work.  Cars need oil changes and maintenance.  Yards need to be cared for.  The plumbing needs to be kept in working order.  Garbage needs to be taken out.  Drywall sometimes needs to be put up.  (And if you're a woman who will do all of those things, skip your complaints that not all women are like that, and just marry me.)

I just got back from a two week trip to a wall which is soaking wet.  Upstairs bathroom plumbing has developed a leak I need to track down and fix.  I've never met a woman who would do this - even my last girlfriend, who once broke a squirrel's neck to keep it from suffering after running it over (which is to say, she had absolutely no issue doing dirty work), left most of these kinds of tasks to me; she had no issue installing carpet or painting walls, but plumbing and electrical work were my jobs.

In a society in which there's no such thing as women's work, men's work has continued to be a thing.  So arranging things so that men aren't pulling double-duty only makes sense.

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