Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Retire, Don't Plan to Retire

First, accept one truth:

If you don't know what you want, money is of course great to have, because it permits you to get what you want as soon as you figure it out.  But there is absolutely no reason not to figure that out now.

Figure out what you want.  Pursue it.  Fuck money.  Fuck retirement.  Fuck everything else.  If you're spending your time preparing for undetermined desires, you're not spending your time figuring out what those desires are.

Work to achieve your desires.  Don't work in preparation for them.

In today's world, it is the mind, not the body, which produces.  You don't need to prepare for the days when you are too feeble to work.  Those days will never come.  If your mind is so feeble that you cannot use it to produce, it is too feeble to enjoy life in any meaningful sense.

Prepare yourself to be capable of producing your entire life, instead of preparing yourself to stop producing. Take fewer work hours.  Live a little bit.  Don't work for some distant future where you can be happy - be happy now.  Be happy today.  Those who work for the future will find themselves sent to the glue factory, metaphorically speaking.

Just don't use up all the years of your life supporting a society which hates you.  There's no point, no reward, nothing at all in that.  If you must be a martyr, be a martyr for a cause you believe in.  Don't martyr yourself on somebody else's ideology.

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