Monday, August 12, 2013

Feminism... its heart, all comes from one unquestioned axiom:

"I speak for women."

77% of women do not consider themselves feminists.  82% believe in gender equality.  No word, apparently, on what percent of feminists believe in gender equality.  Personal experience suggests "Very few", although they're all too willing to pay it lip service.

More, most feminists think most women are feminists, although very few women in the broader population believe this.  They haven't gotten the message.  Feminists: You don't speak for women.  Feminism doesn't speak for women.  It's a cancerous blight, a once useful and functioning organ that is now actively killing the organism it once served in however capricious a capacity.  Feminism, feminists - you are outliers, dinosaurs, a neoconservative movement that seeks to do nothing but erode human rights in pursuit of pseudoscientific religious dogma and a belief that society must conform to your own ideals of good and evil, whether or not other people actually have any desire for this irrelevant to your fervor.

Or, more succinctly: Fuck you, you speak for yourselves and shit all else.  Get it through your too-dense heads that nobody wants to live in the society you want to create.  By all means, feel free to create it, but stop trying to force us into your dystopian experiment.

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