Saturday, September 25, 2010

Corporations Aren't Capitalism

An explanation to you fuckers:

Corporations.  Aren't.  Capitalism.


Yeah.  Let me put you on the spot - what's a corporation?

It's a government-issued charter granting special privileges and immunities to the collective holders of that charter.

[Edit: It's notable that The Post Office operates under a similar situation; it's also established by government charter, as is The Federal Reserve.]

That's right.  A corporation is a form of government interference in the economy.

And they only care about profits, you complain?

Well, for-profit corporations are legally obligated to do so.  (Yes, really.)

Not-for-profit corporations are not legally allowed to pay their stockholders; this means any of your own money you put into a not-for-profit company is lost to you forever.  Not a great choice for anybody wanting to make a living running a company.

Corporations were created by the government to try to stimulate the economy.  They come from exactly the same sort of meddling attitude as the Stimulus Package.  So don't blame us capitalists for your predecessor's mistakes - it's the ideology of the mixed/regulated economy which produced corporations, not laissez-faire capitalism.

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