Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fixing Education

Here's another one of those wild ideas for fixing the public education system:

Let's phase it out over the next thirty years, replaced with educational income contracts.  These entitle whatever educational institutions you went to a percentage of your income - let's say 1% for every four years, although this value should be flexible.  So after sixteen years of education - a Bachelor's degree - you're giving away 4% of your income.

Or you could take eight years of basic education and a four year apprenticeship, and you'd be down 3%.

Wait.  Apprenticeship?

Hell fucking yes, apprenticeship.  And people will be lining up for the job of taking on students; shit, that's a functional retirement system, right there.  And it compounds; when they take on their own apprentices, that contributes to their income, which remember, you're getting a part of.  It's a pyramid scheme that leaves everybody smarter.

Schools would reform - not only do they want to attract the best students, they want students getting out to make as much money as possible, which means training them in in-demand professions.

I... cannot actually think of a problem the system would need to address.  Degrees and master's marks could be turned down by a student who doesn't think their college or master has done an adequate job, after all.

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