Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 Rules to Arguing as a Libertarian

More to come, possibly:

Rule #1: I know we're all tired of the Left attacking corporations.  Defend them where relevant.  Don't where not.  It's sometimes hard to remember, but corporations are -not- our friends.  They aren't our enemies, but they aren't our friends, either; they're as likely to oppose capitalism as anybody else who would benefit from an entrenchment of the status quo.  This is the #1 beginner's mistake.

Rule #2: We didn't get where we are overnight, we won't and shouldn't get out of it overnight.  Remember that rule of law is critically important; rapid changes to the legal system are in fact -arbitrary-.  They erode freedom, even where they purport to create it.  Privatization of public institutions should be done through sunsetting existing systems, not destroying them outright.

Rule #3: Cutting taxes is fine, but cutting spending is better.  Taxation is a long-term target, and "starving the beast" has not only been grossly unsuccessful, it's moved us deeply into dangerous territory.  We have helped to create a coming state of emergency which may very easily be used, not to dismantle government power, but to grossly expand it.

Rule #4: Compromise when it gains you something, not when it causes you to lose a little bit less.

Rule #5: All regulation benefits large corporations.  All.  Consider carefully the difference between pro business and pro capitalism.

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