Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glenn Beck and the LGBT Movement

Glenn Beck has a particularly interesting and unique position, I think, within the LGBT movement.  Yes, within it.

No, he hasn't expressed support.  But his is quite possibly the single most important voice in the movement right at this moment.

It's not because he's saying it's okay to be gay - he hasn't.  It's not because he's saying gay people should have the right to get married - he hasn't said that, either.  It's not because he's standing up for their rights - he hasn't, and probably won't.

Indeed, if he did any of these things, he'd be useless.  He's not telling the opposition they are wrong; that's been done dozens of times, over and over again, and it sure as fuck hasn't worked yet.

It's because he's pushing "common sense," and demolishing their platform without ever outright opposing it; he's using his position of influence over precisely those who need to be influenced, to shame homophobia at its roots.

He doesn't tell Republicans to support gay marriage.  He tells them it is ridiculous that a gay man can't see his terminally ill life partner.

He doesn't tell the Religious Majority that being gay isn't a sin; he tells them that gays aren't out to get them and pose no threat to the country.

He doesn't tell statists to overturn antigay legislation - he says it's none of his business, and none of theirs, either.

He is -exactly- what the LGBT movement needs.  Not because he converts anybody to their side - not everybody can be converted.  But because he quietly subverts the people opposing them, people who will never join them, convincing them to stand on the sidelines.  And he does it with firm conviction and principle.

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