Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I find it amusing...

...what products you get if you apply this comic to its own author:

Firstly, the title.  She assumes others behave in this manner because she does.  I do not.  I long since grew past the notion that other people thought in a similar fashion to me - if I had not, Atlas Shrugged would have been a mediocre book to me, rather than the revelation that other people did think in the same ways that I did, even if they didn't necessarily draw the same conclusions.

Particularly amusing to me is the third row, first column.  She presumes rich people have a price and more have sold themselves, because she cannot see a way to achieve riches without doing so.

This seems to be a common presumption among the left.  It's an amusing one.  I view that mindset as similar to the religious mindset that you cannot be righteous without god.  Both tend to have rather dramatic effects when the believers loses faith.

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