Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Exercise-y Crap

I've scaled my jogging schedule back a bit on account of realizing that the pain that was developing in my legs as I jogged wasn't exhaustion, but shin splints.  (It took me three or four sessions to realize this.  Some genius I am.)

May shift to the eliptical for the jogging portion of my exercise until my tendons recover.  I've bought a new pair of shoes - I had been wearing a relatively new pair of Earth brand running shoes.  This was my second pair, and the quality was absolute shit compared to the first pair I purchased, with which I originally got into running; the first pair made running a joy, but unfortunately wore out.

I have two shoes I'm trying now; my second pair of Vibrams (my first pair wore out rather more quickly than I expected, on account of running them through the drier several times before I read the instructions explicitly stating not to do this) - I'm wearing toe socks with this pair so that I won't have to wash them as frequently as my first pair.

I also stopped into a Footlocker and bought their most expensive running shoes, which were still cheaper than the POS second pair of Earth shoes I bought, as well as some compression socks.  I'll be alternating between these two shoes for jogging going forward.

I really need to move into week four of the jogging program, but that is probably going to be put off.  (Also, WTH, whoever designed this program?  Is this designed for people trying to get back into jogging, rather than first-timers as it presents itself?  If I hadn't been in fantastic shape already to know that jogging gets kind of enjoyable after you get into shape, I'd give this program up as some kind of cruel torture.)

Weight-lifting is going better, although I really need to settle on a routine; I keep shifting it up, and was unable to target my biceps very effectively last session.  (I hit the rowing machine first; I had been doing 55 lbs freeweights in the session before last, and this last one, instead of moving to 60 lbs as I had planned, I was barely able to hit 45 by the time I got to it.  Which is great for working out, but terrible for trying to measure my progress is some kind of objective unit.)

Haven't been able to faze my back or shoulder muscles with the routines I've been doing, something else always tires out first.

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