Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exercise Progress...

Hit week 6 of the 5k in 9 Weeks program tomorrow.  I think at this point I am actually done with the program, insofar as the elliptical goes; I "jogged" another three minutes past what I needed to for the program without issue, and only stopped because I had run out of time.  I'm now doing what I'm hoping is the jogging equivalent for 23 straight minutes; I'm probably not going to aim for the full thirty minutes as yet, and will just eat into the warm-up and cool-down periods to fill in the excess.

Jogging is a joy again, in the brief moments I've done it outside the gym.  I think I've hit the point where it's all downhill (except for what's literally uphill, anyways).  I don't know that I've hit the point I was at last time I was jogging, when I could jog between phases of running to recover, but I am at the point where I can enjoy the act itself, the joy of motion and speed, without my attention constantly drawn by pain in one part of my body or another.  If I can keep my shin splints from coming back, anyways; staying on the elliptical for now, and am going to increase the tension through the end of the month instead of switching back to jogging.

Doing maintenance and endurance exercises on my triceps now (at 285 lbs, which seems incredible to me), and shifted my workout emphasis to my biceps.  Keeping a journal now as well, as I am having trouble remembering each session what I achieved the last session.  (I could probably gain strength considerably faster if I went with the maximum I'm able to lift instead of steadily increasing numbers, but I prefer the steady gain over erratic; it means I'm less likely to injure myself.)

The last month and a half hasn't been easy, exactly, but it hasn't been nearly as difficult as I expected it to be.  Let's see how the next month goes.

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