Sunday, October 2, 2011

Protests... New York, by liberals.

Okay, guys, let me explain something to you: The conservatives don't care.  At best for your cause they're irritated at the naivety of it.  At worst they're rooting for you.

They don't care if you shut New York City down.  They'd love it if you succeeded, if you kept succeeding, if you drove business out of the liberal bastion of the east coast, and drove it to failure.

I'm kinda rooting for that too, but more because I think the era of the skyscraper has passed, and I think businesses are holding onto outdated business models you're going to help them to overcome.

This is like the communist version of the tea party; no cohesive plan or set of ideas, just opposition to everything the right stands for.  So hey, I'm kinda for that too.  The more browncoats, the more people who stand -against- government policies rather than -for- them, the better.

Pity you're so small and insignificant.  Your dear leader's ineptitude has possibly led to the downfall of the left, and it looks like we're going to need some substantial brakes to put a stop to whatever the right has in store for us now.  You guys won't cut it.

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