Friday, June 7, 2013

Not Every Stack Needs to be a Platform

Okay, Google Chrome - what the hell happened to you?

I already know the answer to that.  Platform-itis.  The tendency for every technology stack to become a technology platform.  Everybody wants to run the iStore, or Steam.

Listen, people.  This -isn't helping-.  In a past era this was called bloat.  If it hadn't been named then, I don't think today it would have a name, so ubiquitous is the issue.

It's become the trend even in games - more and more games that come out aren't complete, aren't games in themselves, they're just platforms for modding.

Developers?  Knock it off.

And now I have to find a new browser.  Internet Explorer isn't it.  Neither is Firefox, which I abandoned when it started installing malware to my computer without any intervention on my part from -advertisements- on webpages.

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