Friday, June 21, 2013

Response to Popehat...

Per Link, Ken makes a very eloquent argument about how stupid some butthurt PUAs are for complaining about censorship from Kickstarter because censorship is a more important concept than "They refused to support our speech".  He argues that it's just asshattery to compare a business refusing to act as a platform for your speech with censorship, a concept generally used to describe government stopping speech altogether.

Only issue?

As far as I can tell... none of the PUAs in question actually complained about censorship.  None of Ken's quotes, as unpleasant as they are, mention censorship.  The links he provides don't mention censorship.

...given his harsh criticisms of them for diluting the concept of censorship...

...didn't Ken just do exactly that?

Seriously, guys, I respect you.  But this post is, as far as I can tell, an excuse to say something bad about the PUA crowd.  If you want to criticize the PUA crowd, at least criticize them for behavior they're actually -engaging- in.  And if you do this nonsense again I'm going to stop taking you seriously.


Also, I disagree with Ken on the matter for other reasons.  I don't think the word "censorship" needs to be reserved specifically for cases where the first amendment applies.  But that argument doesn't even begin to matter when there doesn't actually appear to be a factual basis for his post to begin with.

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