Friday, October 18, 2013

Feminism is in an Abusive Relationship with Society...

...and it's the abusive party.

Out of 22 possible items:

#01: Feminism blames others for the outcomes of women
#02: Feminism blames others for the wrongdoings of women
#03: Feminism refuses to apologize for its own wrongdoing
#04: Feminism dominates the conversation, refusing to listen to other perspectives
#05: Feminism is more concerned with the needs of women than the needs of men or society in general
#06: Feminism is easily threatened emotionally
#07: Feminism belittles and insults when angry
#08: Feminism invalidates the experiences of men, accuses them of irrationality when they're not
#09: Feminism denies having said or done things that triggered disagreements
#10: Feminism has difficulty disengaging from fights
#11: Feminism retaliates for long-held grudges (and fictional ones at that)
#12: Feminism always keeps score as to who owes who what
#13: Feminism gossips and spreads rumors about others
#14: Feminism is impatient, intolerance, and lacking in empathy
#15: Feminism is hypocritical, criticizing behavior in the MRM that it itself is constantly engaging in
#16: Feminism has a strong sense of entitlement, that it is owes whatever it desires

Yeah.  Time for a divorce.

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