Friday, October 18, 2013


Galt is going mainstream.  And we're quite pleased by the government shutdown, and the more so by the desperate attempts by the administration to make it seem important, acts serving only to highlight exactly how irrelevant the federal government really is - Democrats, you're pleased that the Republicans are hurting worse than you in the polls, but what you don't realize is that your hurt is going to be longer-lasting, because while our pawns - mere politicians, and Republicans at that - are in danger, your king - your ideals - are in check.

They're targeting the more libertarian politicians.  We're targeting their ideas.  Who do you think is coming out ahead in this exchange?

A year from now, when all this is history, what are people going to remember about this shutdown?  The gross anarchy?  The looting in the streets?  The collapsed bridges and terrorist attacks and a bunch of other things which <i>are entirely failing to happen</i>?

Or are a few people - not many, but an important few - going to resentfully remember that the government posted guards at normally unmanned landmarks in order to prevent people from approaching them in an openly transparent effort (Ha!  The first government transparency Obama has yet engaged in!) to make the shutdown as painful as possible?

Those crowing victory should probably pay attention to the writing on the wall.  I'm pleased by these developments.

This is a serious long-term loss for the Democrats, a minor long-term loss for the Republicans, and a moderate gain for libertarianism.  The short term?  Is irrelevant.  That's their game, not ours.

The game of Republicans and Democrats both is to hit pawns.  The libertarian game is to hit ideas.  The internet has made this game, and we're eight moves and three major elections from checkmate on both the parties, barring any more gross stupidity or outright capitulation.  Personally I expect the statist sides, both Democrat and Republican, to continue with the gross stupidity, because I've always underestimated their capacity for it before.  I do -not- expect capitulation, but it's possible we might capture the Republican party as early as next year, if the right candidate runs.

Never interrupt an enemy in the midst of making a mistake, I know, but I'm not going to interrupt anybody with this.  They're too certain of their victory, so convinced of their own superiority, that even with warning this will still take them by surprise.

2022.  That's the year I expect the game to change.

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