Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Apathy a Hatetcrime?

The title answers the question, by the way.  If you're apathetic, by definition you do not care; if you do not care, you do not hate them.

Not caring about a group of people is not the same as hating them.

Is it morally equivalent?

Well, is doing nothing to stop somebody from beating somebody else morally equivalent to beating them yourself?  Are you guilty of all the crimes that are currently taking place by dint of not donning a Batman costume and going around beating criminals up?  Do you share some of the responsibility?  (Why and how can you have moral responsibility for something you did not do?)

We, as human beings, are not guilty of depriving the world of what we -might- have accomplished; we do not owe the world our accomplishments, neither moral nor actual.  I do not owe you the best article you could ever hope to read, and I am not owed a readership just because it might inform the posts - and the reason I am not owed a readership is not the other things people could accomplish (the potential of which is almost certainly going to be better than reading this blog, no offense to my readers), but their freedom to accomplish what they choose to accomplish.

I do not owe it to the bullied kid to save him from the bully.  I do not owe it to him to care about his plight.

Neither do you.

I could, and I can - but these things are entirely to my discretion.  The world holds no mortgage against my accomplishments.

If I choose to do something, more, it is not because it will make me a better person; it won't, nor will it make me less of a worse person, which is simply another way of saying it makes me better - to be enriched by human suffering is parasitic.  It is because I personally believe the kid does not deserve the bullying, that he is worth more than the situation he is enduring.  He will owe me no debt I did not secure in advance, either.

Speaking as an outsider.  The principle, being responsible for the kid's safety, is in a different position than me.

It's important that we pursue social change, that we create a better society for us to live in.  But the smallest minority on Earth is the individual.  Let's not forget in our pursuit of a better society to stick up for the right to make the wrong choices.

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