Friday, November 5, 2010


...found my blog searching on "chastity belt," and how?

Neither of these words have ever arisen in my blog.  Chastity?  Pfft.  And belts, while potentially awesome, don't even register on the list of topics I care to discuss.

I'm rather puzzled by most of the hits I'm provided a source for.  Okay, "orphanwilde" I can get, it's somebody searching for me from one of the blogs I on occasion post at.  (Random bloglink in that vein: I don't endorse all of his opinions - in particular his views on gender - but he's been a regular on my blog list since he predicted the housing crash.  Er, before it was happening, I mean.  A couple years in advance, in point of fact.  He's certainly not Krugman, who, oh wow the prescience, predicted a crash which had already begun.  He also wrote an awesome, if understandably vitriolic, book describing the housing crash, from the perspective of an angry economist who was kicked out of the industry for seeing it coming and refusing to sign off on any more doomed loans.)

It's definitely interesting to see that I got some attention from Africa after my post on circumcision.  I hadn't considered I would be addressing an international audience, for whom female circumcision is rather more relevant than for those of us in the States.  I guess I should discuss that in rather more depth than "it's barbaric" soon.  Maybe.  Along with ear-piercing.  Yeah.

A lot of my traffic came from an IRC redirect, which is... well, I don't know what to think of the fact that some random doods on the Internet using outmoded chat technology are discussing me where I can't see.  They could be saying good things, they could be plotting my demise.  For paranoia's sake I guess it's a good thing I've chosen a mostly-anonymous approach to this blog.  (Particularly considering as how I've gotten death threats on -dating services- before.  Which I guess was a predictable result of modifying my profile to try to reduce the number of messages I get by offending anybody who wouldn't be suitable.  Didn't work, mostly it just changed the content of the messages from "lets hook up" to "I want to bash your teeth in.")

And, weirdly, -most- of my sourced traffic comes from a blog search site on the word "electromagnetic" and related words.  Kids, take it from experience from my youth, that perpetual motion device you thought of is not efficient enough to produce free energy, and the imperfect-efficiency model has already been invented, and more is called a "DC motor."  (I think that was a bot, actually; several of those sourced from porn sites.  I'm not sure why it was trolling through my words looking for my thoughts on EMPs, I understand the porn bots, at least.  FBI looking for bomb threats, maybe?  Hallow guize!)

And I'm getting a few visits from a Hotmail user linked via e-mail.  I'm guessing that's probably related to the IRC stuff.

I see you!

(Now my question is, where are all these untracked hits coming from?  Fascinating stuff.)

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