Wednesday, June 6, 2012


...already means something, unfortunately.  Something to do with being an atheist asshole who distributes literature on streetcorners, if my first and final attendance at a humanist meeting was any indication.

Which is a pity, because it's exactly the word to describe the ideal which feminists and masculinists should be aspiring to.

The ideal of a human being as a human being - rational, competent, capable, and responsible for his or her own destiny - responsible not only in the sense of being in control, but in the sense by which one's own actions can have results outside of one's control, such as driving too fast on an oil-slicked road in the rain.

I didn't spend much time in my post rejecting feminism describing the things that do need to change, because I was focusing on the philosophical underpinnings - philosophical underpinnings largely absent the chaotic masculinist movement, whose focus was my focus.  I realize rereading these two posts they come off as slightly unbalanced - this is a product of the fact that the two movements are unbalanced, however, and I was addressing what I could in both.

Masculinism is a relatively new movement, and doesn't have a concrete philosophy yet.  Like early feminism, it's largely a list of complaints, and little else.

I reject masculinism.  I listed some of its complaints in order to demonstrate that I don't reject its complaints.

I don't reject the complaints of feminism, either, it just has a central philosophy which can be addressed, rather than rejecting the basis of the complaints themselves.  The philosophy is bogus.  The complaints are valid.

I reject both movements, and both philosophies, as morally corrupt.  I've spent a little bit of time on this blog explicating on why, for feminism.  Masculinism isn't generally taken seriously enough for me to bother doing the same with it.

Here is the ideal:

We're all people.  Full stop.  And we should stick up against injustice without demanding our own injustices be solved first.  Nobody's injustices get priority; we simply deal with the injustices we can deal with right now.

There's not so much opportunity to fight injustice in a meaningful way in the world that we sacrifice one cause for another - it would be enough for people to stop inserting a "But" into every single goddamned discussion of these matters.

The same goes for race, come to think of it, to those of my readers inclined to bring up the white people killed by black people every time some race-baiter starts in on a black  person killed by a white.  Don't feed the trolls.  Let them fade into irrelevant obscurity.

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