Monday, January 3, 2011

Atheism and Community

There's only one serious problem with atheism - it lacks the vital element of "community."

I think this to a great extent explains why people who are raised atheistic - of which I am one, by the way - tend towards socialistic principles; raised absent any community save those forced upon them by the government - schools, primarily - they come to see government -as- community; to such an individual, it makes perfect sense to have government provide welfare and services, because there is no alternative - there is no community outside government.

Which is why religion is increasingly becoming opposed to government involvement in society, a position nobody would have expected two hundred years ago - the religious -see- the alternative, they live it.  They go to churches where collection plates are passed around, when pleas for help are made for unfortunate members of the congregation.  And it's a real community; the people know each other.

This is another thing which the internet is changing; community is finally catching up to the changes in social structures.  Pleas for assistance are made and responded to.  And things evolve.

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