Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Credit Rating Sucks

Yeah, it does.

This is largely because I have a habit of waiting two or three months to pay bills, and paying them all at once.

But something I've noticed in doing this?

Whenever it's government, I save money.

Now, I do not use checks.  I use my debit card, and I use it exclusively as a credit card.  There are several reasons for this, but chief among them, it offers a hell of a lot better legal protection for me in the case of fraud.

I don't like using cash, either.  Yes, I fail as a libertarian.  But really, cash is just a fiat currency anyways, so it's not like, if everything goes to shit, cash will protect me anyways.  (A dishonest bank executive might use my purchasing information against me?  What's he going to do, tell everyone I buy sex toys online?  Like I even give a fuck?  Shit, better me than some fool who gives a damn, I'll just sue, I don't care who knows.)

So ordering checks is a waste of money for me, and a loss of legal security to boot.

The short of it is, I pay all bills electronically, via credit card.  -Most- businesses prefer this - this, even after the credit card company takes its percentage, saves them money, because handling cash and checks is actually kind of expensive.

Government, however, doesn't track costs the way other entities do.  The government-run local utilities outsource electronic bill payment, which results in a fee for me every time I pay that way.

Now what's interesting in this is that the government-run utilities are also the ones which -don't- levy late fees.

It is in my financial best interest to pay two or three months off at a time instead of paying it when it comes due.

Now it is important to note that I do not care about my credit rating, because I do not believe in debt.  As a rule.  No, not even on a house or car.

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