Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More on Ads

I like advertisements.

I find new stuff.  For example, I found Newegg through banner ads on chat software I used to use; now it's my go-to site for buying electronics.

I love when a site comes up with a banner ad that is relevant to my interests.  "Oh!  Cool!  New game just came out!"  And I go check it out.

Douglas Adams once related that he usually hated adverts in magazines, but that once, looking for a product, he bought magazines specifically for the adverts.

Advertisements serve a useful function, and customers sometimes want them.

Advertisers?  I look at your banner ads.  I do so by default.  I might find something I want.

But some tips:

First, I look at your advertisements -last-.  If you -have- to have an ad that changes over time, for the love of Bob, make it loop.  Going through a list of features and saying at the end "All for $49.99!" - and leaving it there - doesn't get my interest at all.  The features -might- have, if I had been watching the ad from the beginning.

Second, DO NOT FUCKING PUT VOICES IN IT.  No audio.  None.  Audio just pisses customers like me off.  I hit "Reload" if a voice comes on on a page I want to look at - and bam, your ad?  It's gone.  Replaced by somebody more polite.  If you -must- have audio, make it on-demand only; add a button to your ad to play it.

Third, for the love of Bob, tell me what your goddamn product is.

Fourth, the ad is an ad for the -product-.  If you need sexy, make the -product- sexy.  You aren't advertising your ability to make ads.  A boring informative ad is more likely to make me click than an ad with rotating spotlights and dancing ducks.  (Although I might watch your ad, this isn't revenue stream for you.)

Fifth, do not use teasers.  Your goal is -interested- customers - you pay for every clickthrough, remember.  Your ad should send uninterested non-customers on their way.

There's no winning when it comes to cookies.  I -like- personalized ads.  Weeds out shit I don't want to look at.  Some people despise them.  No advice for anybody there.

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